Check it out! Ciudad Soil & Water Conservation District was recently featured by NMDA as a recipient of a Healthy Soil Program grant for habitat restoration at Candelaria Nature Preserve in Collaboration with the Albuquerque Open Space Division.  Click here to watch the interview with Conservation Programs Manager Sean Ludden on Facebook. 

ABQ Pocket Gardens

Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Maintenance and Contractor Coordination - Arid LID (Low Impact Development) Coalition

One Water for New Mexico - Mid-Region Council of Governments (Water Resources Board - link)

Rolling River Watershed Model (Landscape-scale educational tool for schools, events, festivals, etc.) - Ciudad SWCD Education 

Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge - Managed by US Fish and Wildlife Service


ABQ Backyard Refuge Program - Friends of Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge

Grow the Growers - Bernalillo County, Agri-Cultura Network, Ciudad SWCD, and NMSU Bernalillo County Extension

McEwen Pond @ South Valley Health Commons - Managed by First Choice Community Healthcare

Residential Rainwater Harvesting - Bernalillo County 

[STORY MAP] Toxic Tour: The Mountain View Neighborhood's Journey of Environmental Justice and Healing - Environmental Justice Leadership Team & Accountability Group